About Me

About Me
Photo by Joshua Earle / Unsplash

Hi there! I'm Sameera Hewage, but you can call me Sam.  I've got experience in  cloud and infrastructure services. Also I have experience in configuring and maintain all kinds of cool stuff like Palo Alto firewalls, Google Workspace, VMware ESXi and Linux servers. I also have experience in Level 1,2,3 Support ,Team Management, Network Administration and Cybersecurity.

When I'm not busy automating or troubleshooting things at work and home (well I love my career path), I like to blog about various topics related to IT, Automation and Life. You can find my blog at sam.rhsameera.com.

I also enjoy sci-fi, comedy and action movies, instrumental and Jazz music and jelly (don't ask me why).

So that's me in a nutshell. If you want to connect with me or learn more about what I do, you can find me on LinkedIn (rhsameera), Twitter (@RhSameera) or GitHub (Rhsameera). Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you find something useful here!