Seedr the Ultimate Torrent Direct Downloader

Seedr the Ultimate Torrent Direct Downloader

A lot of ISPs, offices, colleges etc block the Utorrent P2P protocol or are filtering the same, hence most times the torrent downloads are very slow or simply they don’t download at all. A Simple solution to this problem is caching torrents online and then downloading the torrent with a download manager. The best one around is .

Download Speed

Seedr basically lets you direct download torrents at high speed. I haven’t yet run over their speed limit on my office ISP link (Fiber) or Home Broadband (4G) connections .

File Previews

This is really cool and very useful. You can preview files (Audio/Video/Documents) without downloading. This can help you save space, data and time. I’ve used this feature to verify unverified torrent content such as movies, tv-series to make sure they are at the quality I need. Also, this lets you watch those online if your employer/university doesn’t let you download torrents. This will count as a video stream such as youtube, Netflix or your favourite internet gossip sites video.

Privacy and Anonymity

Your ISP will only be link you to seedr not for any torrent downloading. Always remember torrent isn’t illegal. Its what people choose to download is illegal. So they won’t be able to check what is the content you’ve been downloading when you use seedr.

Saves Data

This is really great if you have a limited internet bandwidth as seedr will do all the seeding (uploading) part while you will be able to keep your data box just for downloading.

It’s Free!

This site amazingly gives you an offer to upgrade your torrent file downloading limit till 2GB which can be increased up to 5 GB with referrals absolutely free and also have good Pro plans for unlimited use. Pro Plan comes with FTP access, HDR, Full HD, 4K streaming, FTP access and increased box size with the chosen plan.

Why are you waiting just create a free account and give it a try with below link.

As seedr puts it…

Get Anything Instantly!

1. Paste a link from another website
2. Wait a few seconds
3. Download and Stream your stuff!