Wordpress Visual Editor (WYSIWYG) Error

Wordpress Visual Editor (WYSIWYG) Error

Recently I ran into a problem with WordPress built-in WYSIWYG visual editor. The problem was I get a totally blank page at visual tab but when switched to Text(HTML) tab everything is working, Also, the toolbar is not rendering.

After doing some extensive research I tried disabling plugins, using google libraries, reinstalling the theme and even downgrading WordPress. Nothing fixed my issue. The only thing I have changed recently is enabling Letsencrypt on my server.

This is how I fixed It…

    1. You need to Identify that you get the same error I got. Otherwise, you are wasting your time here. To do thatEnable WordPress Debug mode by opening (wordpress  path)/wp-config.php file and add
      define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );

      to the PHP file and save it. You can find your WordPress path in your hosting folder or in your server’s domain or subdomain folder.  eg: \home\usr\domain\public_html

  1. Then load the WYSIWYG and press CTRL+SHIFT+J in Chrome or Firefox get into the console.
  2. If you can see something similar to below error message we can fix it by forcing HTTPS on the whole site
  3. To force HTTPS on the site download and install WordPress HTTPS plugin and activate it. You can try forcing more options by accessing plugins setting by the menu.